Together We Can


Just a Drop of water, might fill someone's thirst

Save ₹1 every day for Less Privileged

Saving ₹1 from our daily expenditure and save it for a month from now on, to have savings of ₹30 every month, and give this share of ours to those who need

Our Motto for the Initiative

A small step or say, an initiative from our side to extend a helping hand to support the people who are less privileged and actually need some sorta support or help, which they are failing to get

Become a Volunteer, Together We Can

Your savings are used for making someone's life better. You can take up the our initiative like "Just A Drop", in your circle and lend your hand to the one who are in need. Or you can also join us "Just a Drop Initiative".

About Us

A bunch of young buds with common mindset contributing towards the betterment of the society


Together We Can, And Our Contribution can Make a Difference

We collect savings every month and save it for you. And utilize it for social services and requirements

Saving ₹1 money every day from daily expenditure

Save ₹1 everyday from your daily expenditure, and by the end of month, you will have saved ₹30, which you can contribute to us

Let's do Something for the Society Together

We serve the Society from the monthly savings we do. We serve requests for some urgent requests or fund-raisings. We also take up initiatives to do social services from our monthly savings itself


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